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          Travel in style with our exclusive helicopter service. Booking a shuttle flight is quite similar to booking a chartered flight. The entire helicopter is at your disposal and flies according your schedule, rather than you having to plan around our schedule.  The main difference between our helicopter shuttle and charter flights is that you can select from a list of destinations, which we provide, and you know exactly how much you are going to pay, in advance with with no hidden costs. If extra flight time occurs due to air traffic control or anything else, you do not have to pay a penny more. You'll just pay for the trip and waiting time, if necessary.


        Don’t want to spend time on the road or on speedboats, only to arrive at your destination with little time to spare? Do you need an alternative flight schedule? Now you can avoid the hassle of flying at airports, waiting in long lines, and delayed flights that could last for hours.   Let those aggravating hours in the car or boat be converted to hours of holiday satisfaction.  When time is of the essence, allow Skydance's helicopter to assist you because we know how valuable your time is. Enjoy the flexibility of flights on our helicopter shuttles, where you are the one who makes the flight schedule, arriving at your destination in just minutes instead of hours. Now you can fly to popular destinations like Koh Samui or Langkawi anytime from sunrise to sunset.


         Please let us know in advance for landings outside our regular destinations. Some distinct landing spots may take a minimum of two weeks for government approval, so please plan in advance. Please see our lists of shuttle service popular destinations.