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Skydance Heliports

Home » Shuttles » Phuket - Koh Racha Yai

Route: Phuket - Koh Racha Yai

Helicopter: EC130

Price: ฿70,085 THB
(approx. €1,593 EUR / $2,336 USD)

(Prices includes everything except waiting time)

Max. Capacity: 6 passengers

Duration: 23 minutes


Departure: Phuket Heliport

Arrival: Koh Racha Yai

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Koh Racha Yai, just about 20km South of Phuket, Thailand is paradise for many snorkelers, divers and swimmers with its clear blue waters, amazing marine life and visibility as far as 30m in the water. Racha Yai is a very simple island with only a few bungalows and restaurants, creating a true get-a-way for tourists coming from the busy beaches of Phuket. Guests will find themselves in a haven of pristine beaches on the doorstep of one of the most exclusive and serene 5-star hotels in Thailand, The Racha.


Koh Racha Yai - Phuket


The helicopter will land about 250m from the property of The Racha, where golf carts will pick up the guests of the 5-star hotel. The Racha was voted one of the "Top 10 Best Beach Resorts in the World in 2008," according to Tablet Hotels.  This luxurious retreat, set right on the serene beach of Racha Island, is a recognized leader for responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism.  


Whether guests are flying in on a helicopter transfer to The Racha, or just want to fly in to enjoy the pristine beaches, both are easily accessible upon arrival. The helicopter will land about 500m away from 3 different beaches (approximately equal distances to all 3 beaches.) The main beach, Ao Tawan Tok, is a stunning U-shaped bay with powdery white sand.  If guests would like to visit any of the island's beaches, they are welcome to walk to them from the helipad. 



Ground transportation to/from helipad within 50 km. All applicable taxes and fees.

Pricing Policy

Prices include applicable taxes and fees and the whole helicopter, so all 6 seats are at your disposal, remain empty or for your friends and family. Any child under 2 years of age and below 100 centimeters is welcome to sit on guardian's lap free of charge. Children 100 centimeters and taller require an individual seat.


Late arrival delay time charged 2,800 THB/15 min..
Waiting time fee is 5,618 THB/1 hrs., applicable between sunrise and sunset.
Please note, the paid waiting time is limited to 4 hrs/mission. If more is required, a minimum of 3 flight hrs/day applies, whereby waiting time fees are waived.

Accommodation for pilot(s), airport parking, and aircraft security fees may apply for overnights.

Payment Policy

Credit card payments may be subject to a 3% surcharge. Payments made by checks will be accepted only if made 3 working days (before noon) prior to flight schedule date and the check is cleared. Cash or wiring directly to our account is always welcomed. Please ensure all payments are made before take-off.

Please note when paying in foreign currencies, the "selling rates" for bank notes or the "selling rates" for Bill-DD-TT, whichever applies, from Bangkok Bank's official website will be used to convert into Thai Baht on the day of actual payment. Please click here for details.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation and rescheduling policy is shown in the table below as a percentage of the quoted price.

Joint Tour Bookings
Advance Notice Rescheduling* Cancelling**
> 5 days 0% 25%
24 hrs to 5 days 25% 50%
1 to 24 hrs 50% 100%
< 1 hour 100% 100%

Private Tour (Charter) Bookings
Advance Notice Rescheduling* Cancelling**
> 3 days 0% 0%
1 hr to 3 days 18,725 THB 50%
< 1 hour 100% 100%

*Rescheduled itinerary must be within 30 days from the original mission date. Amendable itinerary can only be confirmed subject to aircraft availability.

**Refund will be nett of Cancellation Fee and Bank Fees.

Notes:  In performing the Flights, Skydance can, in its absolute discretion.

            • refuse to carry any passenger, baggage or cargo;

            • decide the loads to be carried on the aircraft and how such loads will be distributed;

            • decide whether and when a Flight may be undertaken and when and where

               the Aircraft will land; and

            • put additional crew (s), engineer, staff on board when space is available;

where such action is necessary for the safe commencement, operation and completion of the Flight.

All Skydance flights are operated by Advance Aviation Co., Ltd. (AA). Terms and Conditions by Advance Aviation Co., Ltd. (AA) applied (except for cancellation and rescheduling stated above). For Advance Aviation Co., Ltd. (AA) full Terms and Conditions please CLICK HERE

Additional Details

"Round trip" - means flights within the same day.

The EC130 is capable of loading up to 1,050 kg for both passengers and luggage. There are three luggage compartment areas on this helicopter, the left side holds up to 115 kg, right side holds up to 130 kg, and the rear holds up to 80 kg.

We will confirm your flight itinerary via email within 24 hours upon receipt of your request. For last minute flights, please contact us to check for availability.