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Phang Nga Helicopter Tour

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Helicopter: EC130

Price: ฿11,900 THB/seat
(approx. €270 EUR / $397 USD)

Duration: 30 min.

Departure: Phuket Heliport

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Flight itinerary:

Heliport – immense mangrove tree coasts – shrimp farms – magnificent limestone – fly over, through, and around dramatic rock formations – secluded beaches – James Bond Island – coastal jungles – floating Muslim Village - Heliport

(Total traveling flight time is approximately 30 mins. originating and ending at Sakoo Heliport)





Detailed Tour Description:

          Ready for a journey of a lifetime? Have your cameras ready because we’re going to take you on a voyage to nature’s hidden beauty. Only a few have the fortune to absorb this magnificent creation of nature. Now it’s your opportunity to appreciate what was once thought of as, “only for the privileged” in discovering Phang Nga’s majestic limestone cliffs flourished graciously amid the emerald bay of the Andaman Sea.




          Your odyssey will commence from Phuket heliport, crossing over from Phuket directly to Phang Nga, where you will start to see the lush vegetation, mangrove trees, small villages, and shrimp farms dispersed across the region. Once you begin to pass those regions, you’ll encounter these extraordinary limestone rock formations, as we cruise alongside them. You will also notice a floating village from afar, and as you approach, you’ll see Phang Nga’s famous Koh Panyi or “Muslim floating village.” We’ll then circle around this village, for you to capture this moment and see how man and nature coexist gracefully.




          Nature has its ability to astonish the advent explorer as we approach Khao Tapu, which means “Nail Mountain” or more like “Nail Island.” A more familiar name would be “James Bond Island,” made famous by the movie “Man with the Golden Gun.” The actual main island is Koh Ping Kan, which means “leaning on each other island.” This is named after the limestone, which is split in two and the one half is leaning against the other. Now you are headed over to the kayaking island of Phang Nga Bay, where you  will cross over the secret lagoon, hidden within the limestone island itself. From the secret lagoon of Phang Nga, we head straight back to the Phuket heliport for your safe return and you can decide to enjoy our Phuket adventure.




Tour narration by pilots. Free ground transportation to/from helipad within 50 km is provided for flight more than 30 mins. Special note for 10 mins. tours, ground transportation can be arranged with additional charge at 4,280 THB (inclusive of 7% VAT). Parking at the helipad. Refreshments and cool towels served after landing of aircraft. All applicable taxes and fees.

Pricing Policy

Prices are generally per seat. Prices include applicable taxes and fees. Any child under 2 years of age and below 100 centimeters is welcome to sit on guardian's lap free of charge. Children 100 centimeters and taller require an individual seat.

Payment Policy

Credit card payments may be subject to a 3% surcharge. Payments made by checks will be accepted only if made 3 working days (before noon) prior to flight schedule date and the check is cleared. Cash or wiring directly to our account is always welcomed. Please ensure all payments are made before take-off.

Please note when paying in foreign currencies, the "selling rates" for bank notes or the "selling rates" for Bill-DD-TT, whichever applies, from Bangkok Bank's official website will be used to convert into Thai Baht on the day of actual payment. Please click here for details.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation and rescheduling policy is shown in the table below as a percentage of the quoted price.

Joint Tour Bookings
Advance Notice Rescheduling* Cancelling**
> 5 days 0% 25%
24 hrs to 5 days 25% 50%
1 to 24 hrs 50% 100%
< 1 hour 100% 100%

Private Tour (Charter) Bookings
Advance Notice Rescheduling* Cancelling**
> 3 days 0% 0%
1 hr to 3 days 18,725 THB 50%
< 1 hour 100% 100%

*Rescheduled itinerary must be within 30 days from the original mission date. Amendable itinerary can only be confirmed subject to aircraft availability.

**Refund will be nett of Cancellation Fee and Bank Fees.

Notes:  In performing the Flights, Skydance can, in its absolute discretion.

            • refuse to carry any passenger, baggage or cargo;

            • decide the loads to be carried on the aircraft and how such loads will be distributed;

            • decide whether and when a Flight may be undertaken and when and where

               the Aircraft will land; and

            • put additional crew (s), engineer, staff on board when space is available;

where such action is necessary for the safe commencement, operation and completion of the Flight.

All Skydance flights are operated by Advance Aviation Co., Ltd. (AA). Terms and Conditions by Advance Aviation Co., Ltd. (AA) applied (except for cancellation and rescheduling stated above). For Advance Aviation Co., Ltd. (AA) full Terms and Conditions please CLICK HERE

Additional Details

When booking through our website, please reserve at least 5 days in advance from your requested date. We will confirm your flight itinerary via email within 24 hours upon receipt of your request. For last minute flights, please contact us to check for availability. A minimum of 2 pax. is required to operate the flight.

Phang Nga Tour Video
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