Capture the beauty of Southern Thailand in a completely new and unknown spirit that is breathtakingly picturesque while being transferred to your holiday destinations.

As the Largest VIP helicopter operator in Thailand and the only helicopter operator in Phuket allows us years of experience in transferring you from various commercial airports, especially Phuket International Airport to your holiday destinations. You can bypass hassles of being transport by combinations of car and boats which can dramatically reduce your travelling time and have more time to enjoy your vacation. We offer and customize a private transfer at a reasonable price for a more exclusivity. We also offer transfer from one resort to another. Please do inquire about your plan (in boxes below) and we can tell you more about our service which might suits your travel pattern. Here are some of our regular destinations such as;

  • International Airports: Phuket, Krabi, SuratThani, Trang, Had Yai, Samui, Ranong, Langkawi, etc
  • Islands: Lanta, Lipe, Phi Phi, Samui, Tao, PhaNgan, Yao Noi, etc
  • Resorts: Rayawadee – Ao Nang, CentaraGrand – Ao Nang , Ritz Carlton Reserve – Phulay Bay, Pimalai – Lanta, Six Senses – Yao Noi, etc

Not only just a transfer, we also specialize in flying private sightseeing, offers romantic getaway or even wedding proposal in the sky. Book your flight with our professional team and avail the picturesque sky in the South of Thailand….

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