How safe is your helicopter?

To ensure utmost safety standard, the helicopter is full time maintained by qualified engineers from Airbus Helicopters and Advance Aviation strictly to manufacturer’s program.  Our helicopter is equipped with an emergency flotation device and life vests are available to all passengers for all over-water flights.

How experienced are your pilots?

All pilots have gone through Airbus Helicopter’s training program.  Each of our pilots has long experience in helicopter flying and accumulated more than 2,000 flight hours, while the most experience pilot has more than 6,000 flight hours under his belt.

How do I make reservations?

Select the flight type you would like (tours/charters/) and complete the reservation form on our website, or contact us <link to Contact Us> during our business hours from 08:00 hr – 22:00 hr Thailand time (GMT +7). For Joint Tour, we recommend that you make reservations 5 days in advance of your requested flight date by email info@skydance.aero or phone +66(0)62 678 3333 for immediate feedback from us, but of course we accept all booking requests anytime.

How do I make payments?

For payment options, please click <link to Payment Policy>

What are the proper attires?

Normal clothes for tropical weather are fine, as the helicopters will be temperature controlled. Before take-off and immediately after landing, it can become warm in the helicopter depending on the strength of sunshine. Avoid loose clothing around helicopters, such as hats, as they may fly up into the rotors and jeopardize safety of aircraft.

Do I need to take medication to prevent motion sickness?

As our pilots fly smooth and make slow and gentle turns, most people do not experience motion sickness. If you are sensitive to motion sickness, then anti-motion sickness medication is recommended at least 30 minutes before your scheduled flight.

During which hours should scenic flights be flown?

You can fly at any time between sunrise and sunset. Some people interested in taking photos may prefer morning or late afternoon flights for special lighting conditions. The weather tends to be slightly better in the morning. If the weather does not permit us to fly on the day or time of your scheduled tour flight, you may re-schedule for another time or day at no cost or we offer a complete refund.

What are Skydance hours of operation?

Our normal business hours (for office) are from 08:30 to 17:30hr daily, but the flight operates from sunrise to sunset.

Will we be the only ones in the helicopter?

Tours are sold on a per seat basis, but a private charter for the entire helicopter is also available. If you would like to have a private tour, you are welcome to purchase all seats or charter the helicopter. Please let us now in advance where you would like us to fly for your customized tour or fly our standard tours.

How is the seating arrangement?

We try to seat families and couples next to each other as much as possible. We are unable to guarantee seating arrangements as they are governed by safety of the weight and balance of the helicopter. **2 Premium seats next to Pilot will be charged additionally 750 THB per seat**

Are we guaranteed to see the sights mentioned in your tour descriptions?

Normally, we will fly you to all the locations described on the tour flight plan.  In rare cases, there may be extreme weather conditions which make the flight path unsafe or Air Traffic Control may advises us to use a different route, in which we must change our flight path. Decision of flight path is at Pilot’s discretion.

How low do you fly?

We fly in accordance to the safety altitude of helicopter. For the EC130, we may fly as low as 300 feet.

If the trip is cancelled due to poor weather, will we be charged?

If the weather is poor prior to the flight, we will reschedule your flight. If you do not want to reschedule, we will provide you with a full refund.

Are we allowed to bring luggage on to our flight?

The EC130 has three luggage compartments on this helicopter. The left side holds up to 115 kg or 0.285 m3 space, the right side holds up to 130 kg or 0.245 m3 space, and the rear side holds up to 80 kg or 0.565 m3 space. <link to see photos of compartments> For tours: No luggage allowed except for small items like hand bags, etc.

Will we be able to communicate or hear each other on the helicopter?

Yes, our helicopter is equipped with Bose noise cancellation headsets, which allows you to communicate on a two-way radio system with each other during flights. <Link to see photos of headset>

Are we allowed to bring food or drinks on the helicopter? What about photo taking , mobile using?

We only allow plastic bottled water onboard during flights. But no food is allowed on board. Mobile usage and photo taking are allowed inflight (but phone signal may be limited).